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Drone / UAV Services

If you are looking for an aerial firm to help you with Drone / UAV services, you need to contact Premier UAV Aerial today. Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Mapping, Inspections, and special events…..Premier UAV Aerial can do it all!

Johnathan Smith, aka LightSport Man, is the Director of Aerial services for Premier UAV Aerial. Contact us today for all your Drone / UAV services or to find out how drone services can help you make more money in your market.


Professional Drone Association

Are you looking to make money? The Drone Industry is getting bigger and bigger each year. If you want to get started in the Drone industry, the Professional Drone Association will help you with every step of the process and will help you make money. Learn from the pros.

The Professional Drone Association can supply you with everything you need to start and run a drone business that will make a profit.




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Interested in learning how to fly but not sure where to start?

First, try a Light Sport Discovery Flight! After a basic preflight briefing, spend about 30 minutes in the left seat of a light sport airplane (LSA) under the guidance of Johnathan Smith, (LightSport Man) a Certified Flight Instructor – Sport (CFI-S).

Take off, perform basic maneuvers, and land. The flight time can be logged!!

Discovery Flights are just $129.99. Email us today to schedule one for you or a love one.

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Do you already know how to fly or are you just starting out?

If you are looking into learning more about flight training in a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), then you should go to a CFI that does it full time.

Let’s get you into the left seat of a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) under the guidance of Johnathan Smith (LightSport Man) a Certified Flight Instructor – Sport (CFI-S).

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Getting some ground training is always a good thing. For every hour you have flight training, you should have a minimum of 2 hours of ground training. Ground training is one of the most over looked tasks of learning to fly, but it should not be!!

LightSport Man is an Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI), so you can receive ground training from him. Think about it…..think about all the necessities and requirements you should be learning, reviewing, and understanding, and the benefit it would be to have an Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) work with you.



Are you looking to become a professional drone pilot? If so then LightSport Man can help you with all the training you new from FAA PART 107 to hands on training. Learn from a real FAA Certified Flight Instructor that was being working with UAS for years and also holds a PART 107 plus a FAA Advance Ground Instructor (AGI) cert also.


Speaking, coaching, and Consulting


In the News…

YES! Johnathan Smith, aka LightSport Man, has been in the news so many times with the titles, “Do You Know the LightSport Man”, “LightSport Man overcomes obstacles to take flight”, “Pilot has a stutter”, “LightSport Man Flies Over Obstacles”, “Pilot’s Stutter Flies Under Radar”, and more.

LightSport Man has been in media outlets like:

Aviators Hot Line, EAA The Spirit of Aviation, Peoria Republic, USA Today, AZ Center, MSN, 13 News Now, WFAA-TV, 12 News, Courier Journal, WHAS 11 News, W USA 9 News, 9 News KUSA, KREM 2 News, Naples Daily News, KING 5 News, General Aviation News,Humankind, Delaware Online, Detroit Free Press, The Asbury Park Press, KCEN TV, KAGS TV, Lebanon Daily News, Lowa City Press, The Shreveport times, The Tenessean, KENS 5 News, WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland News, The Delmarva Daily Times and KHOU 11 News plus more…

Aviators with LightSport Man

LightSport Man’s Story….

LightSport Man’s Story is a great story for everyone. It has not only inspired many to be able to overcome obstacles, but has also motivated people to follow dreams, no matter what those ambitions are.

Whether you have a classroom full of school aged children, or a boardroom full of high power businessmen, the LightSport Man Story will teach, motivate, and inspire people of all ages, with any aspirations.

Make The Sale with LightSport Man

$1,000,000.00 in sales within ten days!

Are you in Real Estate Sales, Auto Sales, Business, or any type of sales? Learn from Johnathan Smith. aka LightSport Man, about how to be motivated and how to close the deal. LightSport Man will make learning fun, but also have an “in your face” way of getting you motivated and showing you how to not take “NO” as an ending to the sale. We all have a product or service we're pitching and selling. LightSport Man will help you and your firm sell, and influence you more, through learning how to not settle for “NO” as their final answer!

Motivational Speaker Johnathan Smith aka LightSport Man

Motivational Speaker - LightSport Man

Everyone can benefit from a Motivational Speaker. From Sports to Business, From Life Issues to Closing the Deal, LightSport Man’s story and background with NLP will help everyone.

You will learn so much from just one of his events that it will make life changing results in your confidence, learning, and performance abilities. His professional “in your face” approach with not accepting or settling for “NO”, will help you to find success in your endeavors. LightSport Man has mentored people of all ages and backgrounds. He has a selfless demeanor, as his primary goal is to be a mentor to anyone who has entrepreneurial desires. His purpose is to share his experiences and knowledge with those who have these entrepreneurial desires. Because of LightSport Man’s friendly, professional manners, and “go getter” mentality, he has also built multiple trusting relationships with companies and organizations that have allowed him to team up with them. All of these components, both professionally and personally, create an equation for success.


Social Media Expert and Alternative Marketing Expert and Consulting

Johnathan Mark Smith AKA LightSportMan is one of the best Social Media Expert and Alternative Marketing Expert around right now. Johnathan Mark Smith has over 35 years of experience. If you have a web site or a product to sell then you need him. Serving New York, New Jersey and Phoenix, Arizona.

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