Aeroprakt A22LS So much plane at a small price tag

What a great day flying with Dennis Long from Aeroprakt USA in his Aeroprakt A22LS.  I have to say as LightSport Man I have been in a number of LSA and I was impress from the time stepped into the cockpit of this A22LS.   It is so roomy and has everything anyone that loves LSA needs.  I could not get over how great it handled it the air.  It was so stable and so much fun to fly, with the big windows you really get a outstanding view and it makes you feel that you are so free.  Anyone looking to get an LSA  plane this should be your first and last plane to look at!  This plane is going to be at the COPPERSTATE Fly-In this weekend.  Please come down and meet me and also checkout the Aerprakt A22LS Aeroprakt A22LS