LightSport Man takes being a Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot service to new levels.

Johnathan Mark Smith AKA LightSport Man takes being a Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot service to a new level.    Johnathan Mark Smith within the pass 5 days has worked on over 61 real estate location within Surprise, AZ.  Johnathan Mark Smith is hitting the market the real estate market and been take photos for so many local clients.. Johnathan Mark Smith - Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot

Do you need a Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot, UAV or Drone Operator?

As you can see we cover a lot of commercial sUAS Remote Pilot services and we would love to help you.  Below is a list of some of the services we cover..  If you don't see it below please contact us.

Aviation Pilot Training Search and Rescue Wildlife Risk Mitigation Photography and Videography News Reporting Tourism Marketing Sports Events Concerts Advertising Event Coverage Private/Family Event Photography Real Estate and Construction Marketing Media Property Photos and Video Surveying Land Development Project Management Rooftop Maintenance
Engineering Asset Monitoring Measurement and Lidar Digital Modeling Elevation Mapping Site Planning Civil/Government Law Enforcement Surveillance Grow-op Detection Infrastructure Inspection Asset Management Aerial Surveys Mapping Forestry Inspection Natural Resources Land Cover
Aerial Inspection Rooftop Inspections Maintenance Survey Bridge Inspection Powerline Patrol Pipeline Patrol Tower Construction Agricultural Crop Management Vegetation Inspection Drought Monitoring Pest Control Monitoring Plant Examination Disaster Relief Natural Disaster Assistance Damage Assessment Flood Assessment Search and Rescue (SAR) Oil Spill Monitoring Sinkhole Inspection

Above is only some of the services!!


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