LightSport Man (Johnathan Smith) Starts HS Med Fund to fight his fight with Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

My name is Johnathan Smith also know as LightSport Man that give free flights to kids with disorders.

Everyone that knows me knows I do everything without help from others but now I am asking..  I

About 8 Months ago, after going to a number of doctoers I was diagnosed with a very fatal, very hidden skin disease called Hidradenitis suppurativa. In time i will become immune and/or allergic to antibiotics. Without antibiotics the infection spreads. When it spreads there's a good possibility it'll enter into my bloodstream. Once it's in my bloodstream, things become fatal!

I am asked a lot to describe what I go through, my best answer is: imagine having the greatest day of your life then suddenly you're not able to move parts of your body due to pain, imagine a knife consistently stabbing you every second of every day for months on end, imagine instantly not being able to reach for the glass of water or being able to sit to go to the bathroom without pain, or imagine your entire life being turned upside down due to a disease that has minimal research and constant contraindications.

What worked yesterday doesn't work today with this disease. Unfortunately there is no cure and now I am having to take other avenues to find relief from the infection, the pain, and the depression.

My insurance has a high deductible and I just don't have that kind of money lying around to keep paying for doctors, surgeries ands the bills are getting hight.

Please help me reach my goal so that I can pay for some of the bills and keep the fight of this disease going

Every penny will be eternally grateful!

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LightSport Man - Johnathan Smith
LightSport Man – Johnathan Smith

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