LightSport Man finds Confidence To Fly

As LightSport Man I do a lot of reading and searching the internet for more and more information about flying and I found this GREAT blog called "Confidence To Fly". screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-8-00-03-am

So more about "Confidence To Fly": Life is an incredible journey, isn't it? It continues to amaze me the possibilities we can manifest for ourselves and what magical things can happen just by letting go. My path to becoming an instrument rated, commercial pilot was filled with doubt and disappointment with some incredible moments mixed in between. I never expected to find myself confident and loving my 30's despite recent life changes, including a divorce. Aviation is a surprising industry where while you believe you are learning to fly, you end up gaining many life lessons as well. Here, I intend to share my thoughts on finding your inner confidence when you're on the ground, reaching for the sky.

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