LightSport Man Top 5 Sport / Student Pilot Gift List - 2016


Hey everyone its that time of the year that we need to give out some gifts to some love ones.   Here is the LightSport Man Top 5 Sport Pilot Gift List for 2016

  1. Rod Machado's Sport Pilot Handbook - This is a great book for a student or a sport pilot to have on hand. Rod Machado did a great job.
  2. David Clark Headset - David Clark headsets has been around for so many years and if your looking for some great value for you money this is the brand you should get.
  3. Advanced Ground Training - Advanced ground training is great for the student or for the pilot.  Pilots never stop learning and with a Advanced Ground Training session with someone like LightSport Man it can be great.
  4. Online Ground School - If your love one is a student and working on getting a sport pilot cert online ground school from Gleim is always a great gift.
  5. Gift Card to Flight Center - One of the best gifts is giving them some time in the air.. look into giving them a gift card to a location flight center.


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