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The Sky is the Limit…Learn to fly in a Light Sport Airplane!

Interested in learning how to fly but not sure where to start or do you know someone that always wanted to learn to fly?

First try a Light Sport Discovery Flight! After a basic preflight briefing, spend about 30 minutes in the left seat of an light sport airplane (LSA) under the guidance of Johnathan Smith (LightSport Man) a Certified Flight Instructor – Sport (CFI-S).  

Johnathan Smith holds the 2018 Distinguished Flight Instructor Award from the AOPA, plus as been in the media and news over 25 times about his skills as a Pilot and a Certified Flight Instructor.

Take off, perform basic maneuvers and land. The flight time can be logged!!

We are in Glendale and Scottsdale..

Also get your photo inside the plane to remember that day and with Johnathan Smith.

Discovery Flights are just $129.99. email us today to schedule.

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